So, here we go... an election scheduled for 8 June!  At Blenkin & Co, we're accustomed to elections and referendums; they seem to be part and parcel of modern life. In fact, in the words of a former British Prime Minister we "have never had it so good".  What we can report is that business at Blenkin & Co has never been better, and an election - particularly one where many say that the outcome can be predicted - won't change that.


The perfect 'text book' sale: nine viewings in quick succession... a handful of second viewings... a sale agreed significantly above the guide price of £795,000... and launch to exchange of contracts in six weeks. It feels good to get it right first time. Not every agent does.



Britain should finish 2016 as the fastest growing economy of seven leading nations, largely because of the thriving service sector of which estate agency is a part. The optimism for UK growth is undoubtedly rubbing off on the residential estate agency market, known for its sensitivity to reassurances from Her Majesty’s Treasury and the Bank of England. Blenkin & Co has had the most successful second half year in nearly ten years with good sales at all levels, country and city, from £300,000 to £3million. These very buoyant figures reflect Blenkin & Co’s increased market share, and the wider prosperity of the economy in York and North Yorkshire. Travel 45 miles south west of York and the picture is very different. So, like the polls, all figures and forecasts must be understood in this context.  Based on our own calculations, and taking into account local economic indicators and the wider turbulent political landscape, we would predict a busy start to 2017 fuelled by a modest but significant surplus of buyers to property considered both desirable and fairly priced. Further ahead we fear to tread – the only sensible advice would be to “make hay while the sun shines” and right now in York it does.


Two pages in the Property Market column of the February issue of Country Life is a very pleasing outcome and a sure way to reach the global country house market.  Metham Hall is on the market with Blenkin & Co for In Excess of £800,000.  Earlier in January, in-house PR specialist Hilary Pegrum contacted Country Life property editor Penny Churchill to talk about the history, architecture and the interesting narrative surrounding this glorious Georgian country house in the East Riding.  The resulting PR, with the dynamic heading, 'You'd be better off up North', will lead to new editorial opportunities and is a boost for the great country of Yorkshire in the eyes of the world. If you would like to receive a copy of the whole article, do please contact Blenkin & Co on 01904 671672.

The City of York has recently topped a number of leagues and been the subject of many positive news stories.  Just recently is was named the UK' s friendliest city with 'the best community spirit.' Earlier this month it was also named 'the most dynamic place in the north' and 'a standout pocket of vibrancy'. There has been talk of a bold plan for the city centre with a buzzing shipping container start-up business park forming a creative enterprise centre during the day and a social and performance space at night.  This follows in the footsteps of similar, hugely successful schemes in places as far as Wellington, New Zealand and in many emerging areas of London such as Brixton, Elephant & Castle and Kings Cross. Further good news includes York being Britain's first gigabit city (enabling residents to plug into lightening fast internet), and the announcement of Virgin Trains' new timetable incorporating a late-night train from London to York (allowing York residents to watch a late show and return home that night). With the Northern Powerhouse initiative taking shape and getting backing at the highest level, and nearby Leeds showing very good economic growth with information technology forecast as the fastest growing sector, there is every reason for property owners and incoming buyers to have full confidence in York and the wider region as an excellent place for long term investment.